Rough Ridge Engagement Session

Rough Ride engagement session

Rough Ridge Lookout, North Carolina

Julia and Golston are absolute troopers… that’s really what you need to know from the jump. We were supposed to meet at sunset the day before, but it was calling weirdly low temps and very high winds.

We decided to try for sunrise because the temps were (barely) better…

It was freezing cold and man, I forgot how early in the morning sunrise is, but these two were total badasses. I gotta give ’em props for braving the chill because the photos turned out absolutely stunning. Seriously, when you look at ’em, it feels like you’re transported to a beautiful spring day filled with so much love between these two.

And guess what? They brought their dog, Bronx, along for the shoot! I am always. ALWAYS going to urge you to incorporate your fur babies in shoots. That little boy was cracking us all up with his funny and sweet antics. He had some major puppy energy but did the hike like a champ. The shoot took place at Rough Ridge Lookout along the parkway in North Carolina, and man, what a backdrop. Sunrise isn’t my favorite, but man is it good for ensuring you have a place to yourself. The views were breathtaking, and it perfectly complemented this athletic duo.

The combination of Julia and Golston’s undeniable chemistry, the picturesque scenery, and Bronx’s adorable presence made this whole session an epic adventure. The resulting photos are bright, romantic, and capture their love story in the most incredible way.

Rough Ridge Engagement Session
Poodle mix at rough ridge