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When it comes to my work, my mind loops again and again with the question, what does this feel like? I am drawn to capturing the true essence of the day, while infusing artful composition into each frame. I found that my life’s obsession with film and fashion photography has come together to blend narrative storytelling with an editorial flair that will leave you with tasteful, yet honest images.

 I also play a multi-faceted role during every wedding day. One of a nonpartisan observer, getting candids from the shadows, silently shooting for afar to avoid interruption, but also a fast bosom buddy who will sneak you booze before enduring family photos and help you stuff tissues in your top before walking down the aisle (because you know you’re gonna cry up there.) I will squeeze your moms hand before she sees you in your dress. I WILL cry during your father daughter dance, and get your bridesmaids to turn up on the dancefloor. 

I work with every couple to create a timeline that prioritizes quality time, genuine moments and meaningful experiences. I don’t want you to remember your wedding day through manufactured moments. I allow you to have authentic experiences while you rest assured that you will have a seasoned photographer there to capture every second. When the time comes, I will help guide you through family photos, and couples portraits, with gentle prompting, that help you feel comfortable, and most importantly, like yourself in front of the camera. 

Wedding photography may seem like a far cry from the kind of glamor I had sought for so long, but really, I realized that what I had been drawn to my entire life was bearing witness to life’s extraordinary, human experiences. The stories that are endlessly playing out in our families, relationships, friendships. Life itself. The glamorous bits, and the raw human parts as well. Weddings can be glamorous of course, but then a few hours later, I might see a groomsmen vomit into a potted plant, so it’s truly the best of both worlds. 

In all seriousness, weddings offer a full gambit of emotions. A beautiful celebration with those closest to us. It’s a gift to be able to preserve them in time for others. To have an invitation behind the curtain, to be given the trust to capture couples in such intimate moments. I approach every wedding with a profound sense of purpose, but also, with a sense of humor that is needed to get through what is always, inevitably, a beautifully chaotic day. 

Hi Im Shannon

I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, with dreams of making my way in the film industry. I had always been fascinated by television and film, and thought I wanted to be an actress, but quickly learned I had an unhealthy dose of stage fright, and in the film industry my weight would only be acceptable if I were a husky nine year old. 

In a wild turn of events, I attended fashion school just out of high school. I had large and very sudden ambitions of becoming a fashion stylist after binging 6 seasons of Rachel Zoe my senior year. But, I drove a Ford Focus with hand crank windows, and learned that being surrounded by LA fashion folks was a lot like that scene from Harry Potter. The one where the dementors sucked his soul right out his face.

Nevertheless, I would pour over fashion magazines, and had binders filled with the works of the world’s greatest fashion photographers; Steven Klein, Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindbergh. It was a little weird, kind of like me, and not at all cookie cutter… Eventually I realized I was really in love with the unique, narrative storytelling you could achieve with a medium like photography. 

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