Intimate Wedding at Overlook Barn

What can I say about Liz and Jeremy’s intimate springtime wedding at Overlook Barn? It was lowkey, effortlessly cool and perfectly elevated. It was a perfect blend of classy and laid back, which is my favorite combo and only possible when you have a bride with taste as good as hers.

Liz also happens to be one of the sweetest women I’ve met in my life. She’s truly a ball of sunshine, and as a Los Angeles native, I know sunshine. I can count on one hand the amount of times guests of the wedding came up to just to mention how much they love the bride… you know someone is loved when strangers approach you to say, “isn’t she the freaking best?!”

Let’s take a moment to talk about the versatility of Overlook Barn. It’s such an amazing blend of rustic barn (I mean it’s a legit 100 year old horse barn… so that tracks) and updated modern beauty. The concrete, earthy textures make for such interesting photographs I absolutely LOVE shooting there.

I can say, that I especially love it when my couples decide to have one long table. It’s like the alice in wonderland tea party of my dreams… I was obsessed.

They had their ceremony in the breezy Cliffside Barn that is across from the main overlook barn. It offers stunning long range mountain views that you only get here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Once again, Overlook Barn nails the mix of old and new, and it provides such an elevated space to hold cocktail hour and ceremony.

With a background in floral design herself, Liz knew she wanted spring, fun florals at her wedding. Tori of Wild Sweet William is always my top recommendation in the area. She’s not only as awesome person, but she has such a great eye for floral design, I’m consistently blown away.

Their wedding was beautiful yes, clearly. However what really stands out to me was the palpable love that radiated from them all day. The giggled, played, and set each other at ease in a way that only those truly in love can do. It gave me warm and fuzzy feelings all day to witness. They are the type of couple I wish I could’ve stayed with just to bask in their newlywed glow just a bit longer.