Emotional White Crow Wedding

The White Crow Wedding Venue in Banner Elk North Carolina.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I approach every wedding with an open mind, waiting for the story to unfold before me. 

I had the pleasure of capturing the emotion-filled wedding shooting with Whitney of Olsen Design Photography. They were such a beautiful couple who lit up the room despite the stormy late summer’s day at The White Crow wedding venue in Banner Elk, North Carolina. 

There was SO much love at this wedding. The bride’s parents held hands throughout the ceremony, while dabbing at their eyes. The groom couldn’t help but shed tears of joy as she walked down the aisle. The atmosphere was incredibly emotional, but undeniably beautiful, with a sweet and heartfelt quality that was palpable. 

As a photographer, these are the benchmark weddings in which I compare all others…

It wasn’t a perfect sunny day outside. Here’s why the White Crow Wedding Venue in Banner Elk is so fantastic. The inside is just as amazing as the outside. If it rains, an indoor wedding here is no problem. It’s one of the many reasons The White Crow continues to be one of my favorite venues in the mountains of North Carolina. 

Consider this as my vote to do a first look. For those who live under a rock, a “first look” is a private moment between the couple before the ceremony where they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Many couples choose to do a first look because it allows them to share an intimate moment together and calm any pre-ceremony nerves. It also gives them the opportunity to take photos and enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of the ceremony and reception. Additionally, a first look can help to save time and streamline the wedding day schedule, allowing the couple to spend more time with their guests and enjoy their wedding day to the fullest.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I am all about creating space in your timeline to experience as many authentic moments as possible. This means that anytime we can present natural opportunities to bring forth the emotions of the day, we do. This is why I’m a huge proponent of a first touch or look. I recommend taking it a step further and reading private vows, or pre-written letters to each other. Create pockets of private time for you and your partner… because lord knows they are few and far between on your wedding day!

The ceremony site is absolutely stunning at the White Crow wedding venue in Banner Elk North Carolina. We tried to hold out for the weather, but Mother Nature had other plans. We had to move it inside, but it was more beautiful than I could have imagined. It was emotional, romantic, all the things I love to see. The brides parents dabbed at their eyes, the grooms dad burst into tears during his son’s vows… I myself had to wipe at the tears because you could feel the weight of their love in the best way. You could tell these two are just meant for each other…