A Rainy Day Celebration: Documenting Love at West Glow Resort and Spa

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, West Glow Resort and Spa in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, provided the perfect backdrop for a late summer wedding that I had the privilege to document as a documentary wedding photographer. Despite an off and on downpour throughout most of the day, the love and positivity that filled the air made this day feel like a movie scene.

West Glow Resort, with its charming ambiance and classic elegance, was the ideal venue for this intimate wedding. There are few things I love more than a big historic house and a wedding day. The lush greenery, coupled with the misty mountains, created such a beautiful, calm atmosphere that added an extra layer of magic to the day. As a documentary wedding photographer, I am always thrilled to capture the true essence of a day. the combination of the moody weather and the unique charm of this East Coast venue made it one for the books.

The details of a wedding help paint a picture for your guests. Emily and Jim had such a classic palette that fit the space so well. The florals were soft, and their colors muted. A perfect compliment to a classically stunning bride.

Mother Nature had her own plans for the day, and a gentle downpour provided an unexpected but beautiful twist to the celebration. While some may see rain as an inconvenience, this couple embraced it wholeheartedly. The truth is, any photographer worth their weight has a rain plan. At least here in the high country. We faced a brief pause to let the rain subside, allowing for a breathtaking outdoor ceremony that felt like a dream. The droplets on the leaves and the mist in the air added a touch of romance that no one could have planned for. It truly felt like a kismet moment. With the looming mansion backdrop and the misty mountains, West Glow resort was the best setting for such a dreamy wedding.

As a documentary wedding photographer, my goal is to capture the genuine emotions and moments that make each wedding unique. The rain became an integral part of the narrative, emphasizing the couple’s resilience and love that weathered any storm. The West Glow Resort’s indoor spaces, with their warm tones and cozy corners, provided alternative locations for candid shots and intimate moments. We had to move the cocktail hour inside and it ended up being such a fun intimate experience. I dare to say it created space for more conversation, more fun.

While their guests stayed dry in the downstairs foyer, we snuck off to do some creative portraits of the newly weds. To stay out of the rain, we had to utilize West Glow to get those classic beautiful images.

What struck me most about this wedding was the unwavering positivity of everyone involved. From the couple and their families to the guests, there was an infectious joy that transcended the weather. Laughter echoed through the halls of West Glow Resort, and the camaraderie was palpable. The rain didn’t dampen spirits; instead, it added a sense of adventure and spontaneity to the day.

A live band set the perfect tone for the celebration, bringing the wedding to life with their soulful melodies. The rain couldn’t compete with the energy and enthusiasm that the music infused into the atmosphere. The dance floor, despite the occasional dampness, became a lively space where guests celebrated love with every beat.

Speeches brought tears to many eyes as heartfelt words were shared, reflecting the deep connections and love within this close-knit group. The raindrops on the windows became witnesses to the emotional moments that unfolded throughout the evening. From laughter to tears, every emotion was a testament to the love that surrounded this couple.

As the night drew to a close, the rain returned, providing a poetic backdrop for the couple’s private last dance. In the dimly lit corners of West Glow Resort, they swayed to the music, encapsulating the essence of their love. It was a moment of quiet intimacy, away from the hustle and bustle, where they could savor the culmination of their special day. This has quickly become on of my favorite traditions. It’s such a beautiful punctuation mark at the end of an incredibly special day.